Fiber FocusMini 


Fiber FocusMini 

A Smaller Platform & Cost Effective Solution

The Fiber Focus  MINI was developed to address a smaller scope of work (up to 62”x 62”).  It offers an economical alternative to large platform lasers currently on the market. While consuming a small fraction of your valuable floor space!

COST EFFECTIVE, COMPACT FOOTPRINT & SHUTTLE TABLE.  No competitor offers these unique features.  The Fiber Focus  Mini now allows first time users the opportunity to compete in the highly capital intensive Laser arena.  It also provides a very cost effective alternative to those currently using larger platform machines.  Now for a fraction of the price processing Fiber Laser Cut Parts is available to all!




  • High performance and High accuracy rack and pinion system

  • CYPCUT CNC Control

  • Table Sizes:  49"x49" or 62"x62"

  • 700, 1200, or 2000 watt fiber laser nLIGHT/USA

  • Fiber Optic beam delivery system

  • Raytool Swiss Automatic Cutting Head

  • Water Chiller

  • Windows 7 operating system

  • 360 degree rotating ergonomic machine control panel

  • 19” TFT color monitor

  • 120 GB Program data storage

  • Dual Pallet Shuttle Tables (optional)

  • Programmable high pressure Oxygen, Air / Nitrogen gas selection 1-25 bar.

  • Auto nozzle cleaning and calibration

  • Standard fume extraction system

  • Parts debris drawers

  • CYPCUT CAD/CAM system

  • Built-in safety systems (full enclosure as standard)

  • CE Compliance